Windows 11 | Windows is still the best platform for gaming

Playtime. Anytime. Experience faster load times, higher frame rates, and more detailed gaming worlds—nothing beats Windows for the latest and greatest in PC game performance. Experience may vary; hardware dependent. See more Windows 11 Tips:

Windows 11 | What’s a widget?

Personalize your content feed with widgets, so you can quickly see all the things you like to keep tabs on. From sports and weather to your schedule and to-do’s. Now you can see it all in one place with just…

WINDOWS 11: The Review!

Windows 11 has been officially out since October 5th, and there’s a lot to talk about here. Microsoft is already (in)famous for their “good-bad-good” reputation with operating systems, where a good release will be followed by a not so great…

Windows 11 | Redesigned Microsoft Store

Games, music, and movies all in one place. Indie films. Acclaimed network dramas. Games that captivate and apps that help you meditate. Find it all and more at the redesigned Microsoft Store. See more Windows 11 Tips:

Месяц с Windows 11: могло быть и ХУЖЕ ?

Месяц жизни с Windows 11: обновляться или ждать ? Найди все для себя: в Украине: в России: в Казахстане: Как обновиться до Windows 11 – Проверка ПК для Windows 11 – Скачать Windows 11 -…


Difícil, mas vamos nos acostumar, ou não… _______________________________________________ Insta do canal: Insta pessoal: Twitch do canal: ________________________________________________ PROMOÇÃO TERABYTE SHOP: Cadeira Gamer: Memória DDR4: Fonte 500w: Fonte 600W: Kit Upgrade AMD: SSD…

Windows 11 | Chat from Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is now built into Windows 11 so you can instantly chat and video call, right from your desktop. All it takes is a single touch. See more Windows 11 Tips:

Windows 11 | Snap windows in groups

Clean desktop, clear mind. Pick up where you left off instantly with Snap Groups & Desktops, even when docking and undocking to an external monitor. See more Windows 11 Tips: